free shape patches in HD

  • entirely woven from finest Italian yarn
  • unbeatable HD resolution [ materials and qualities ]
  • rectangular, round or in any free shape
  • for sew-on, iron-on or self-adhesive
  • upload your vector or image file directly
  • all sizes, all colors, all edgings [ shapes, sizes, edgings ]
  • at very competetive quotes

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Weaving matrix (one-time)* 29,00 €
1.000 patches (per pc.: 0,09 €) 92,50 €
Express (~ 10 instead of 20 d.)
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0,00 €
Order woven samples only [ info ]

Order woven samples only

If you activate this option, we will produce woven samples of your label only and send them physically instead of as a digital photo. You will receive 2-4 unfolded and uncut samples on a tape to assure yourself of the weaving quality. The weaving matrix mentioned above will be archieved and will not have to be paid again at a possible order. Using the access data you will get after the order, you can order the final quantity with a few clicks. Lead time for the woven samples: approx. 4-7 working days.

Total 121,50 €
Customs duty to be paid to the DHL driver: 0.00 $ (free)
* not to be paid again at repeat orders
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Normal production: approx. 20 days
Normal price
Details about the order and production process
Day Step
0 Order an payment
5-7 Digital photo of the woven sample (5-7 d.)
(notification by email)
  Sample approval by you
(colours may still be changed)
17-21 Final production done (12-14 d.)
(notification by email)
18-23 Parcel arrives (1-2 d.)
Calculated without weekends and public holidays.
Slight time variations of the single steps ar possible.
Express production: approx. 10 days
Supplement of 25% (max. 98.00)
Details about the order and production process
Day Step
0 Order and payment
2-4 Digital photo of the woven sample (2-4 d.)
(notification by email)
  Sample approval by you
(colours may still be changed)
7-11 Final production done (5-7 d.)
(notification by email)
8-12 Parcel arrives (1 d.)
Calculated without weekends and public holidays.
Minimal time variations within the production 
process are possible.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Certificate Oeko-Tex 100

All yarns that are used for our labels and patches are certified according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, which guarantees that they are free of substances that could be harmful for babies or children.

Finest Italian yarn in
HD and ultra HD quality

Our labels and patches are woven from finest Italian yarn, which is commonly considered to be the best available yarn quality in the world. This extremely fine, yet robust yarn allows us to weave even the finest details of a logo and the most exiguous writings in an impressively sharp resolution and a noble finish. Therefore, woven labels and patches in HD quality are today the state of the art solution, when we talk about professional labels and patches.

For very special purposes, such as large labels or patches with bold letterings that have to be absolutely sharp or smaller ones with exiguous graphical details, we are one of the few companies in the world that offers the so called ultra HD weaving quality, which is the highest makeable weaving density worldwide. Labels and patches that are woven in this technique have nothing in common with standard woven labels.

Beyond that, we also produce woven labels and patches of satin. You may easily choose your material and quality while configuring your woven label or configuring your patch.

Reviews and opinions

From february 2013 our customers can evaluate our services and our reliability on the independant website

All shapes, backings and edgings

We produce patches in all possible shapes and with several backings and edgings. Patches made for sew on can have a standard glue-closed backing or ad additional fleece backing that makes them thicker and a little bit more robust. The most elaborate and stable patch type is the one with additional fleece backing and edgings with overlock stitching.

Besides the usual sew on patches types, we also produce patches with thermal glue backing (for iron-on) or with a self-adhesive backing. However, please note that patches that have a thermal or self adhesive backing cannot have a fleece backing nor an overlock stitching.

For more information see patch shapes, backings and edgings.

Many colours available

Pantone formula guide

Since each label is woven entirely, there are no limits by tape colors or similar techniques.  labelpartners can create HD labels in almost any immaginable color and this regards both the background and the foreground. For the precise determination of the colors, you may want to use a Pantone® chart or any other common color scale. In our colours chart you can find a range of colors that are used for 99% of all woven labels. You can choose those colors directly while configuring your label or configuring your patch.

Quick and fully insured shipping

Shipping of individually produced labels and patches is done workdays by DHL Express and includes full insurance and online tracking. Shipping to the UK within 24 hours and to all US destinations within 48/72 hours.

Note: If you have purchased ready shop items (such as size labels) only, the delivery is free of shipping costs in Europe.

Click here to see  information about lead times and shipping costs for all nations.

Payment methods

Payment methods

We accept prepayments using all major credit and debit cards etc. or bank transfer.

Express shipping at $9.62

Express shipping to all US destinations at $9.62

Upload any logo

You may upload your own logo and have the labels / patches produced from that file. The file should ideally be a vector graphics file (best in EPS format), as it can be created using software like Adobe Illustrator™, Corel Draw™ or similar. If you are not familiar with graphic/draw programs, we can also create your vector file from an image file (e.g. JPG, GIF etc.) for you. In this case please make sure to upload an image of good resolution and size.

...or do the design online

If your label / patch does not contain any figurative elements, you may want to use our label designer and  design the label / patch online by yourself. Using the label designer, you can easily define the dimensions, colors, cuts, edgings and possible folds and see the results online.

Design your woven label online

For the writing, you can choose from more than 100 quality fonts in all styles and sizes. Once you're done, you simply add the label / patch to the shopping cart and have it produced in HD quality. Your design will be saved and will be available for reorders at any time.

...including washing / care symbols

Washing and care symbols

You may also use all international washing / care symbols in any size for your label.

Download the care / washing symbols font

If you need the care / washing symbols for your design in Illustrator, Corel Draw or other software, you may want to download the font "SL Wash" here in various formats: ttf (truetype), eot (open web font), woff (open web font).

Fadeless, durable and washable at 70°C

Woven labels and patches that are made of taffeta or satin are machine-washable at up to 70°C. Since those materials consist of entirely colored syntethic yarn, their colors are nearly completely fadeless. The dense weaving technology also avoids any distortion even after many washings.

Sample before production

About 6-8 (express: 2-4) working days after your order and payment we will email you a link to a woven sample of your label for approval. On this high resolution photo you can see every detail of the woven label. At this stage, colours may still be changed. After your approval the labels will be produced.

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Entirely woven patches in HD quality

Woven patches are the much better choice than e.g. embroidered ones. They offer a considerably higher level of details and a lower price per piece. All shapes, backings and edgings (also overlock stitching) can be produced.

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Configure your individual patches

In any shape - upload a file or design them online
Normal: approx. 20 days, Express: approx. 10 days

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